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possible fraudulent charge

 I have a charge on my company Visa card for 10/1/2015 that I have no paperwork for.

I would like to know exactly what was purchased so I can try to track it down.

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Dear Buyer
Thanks, no problem but we need some new garments order woven, knit & sweater. Pls.reply & confirm me.
Again thanks.
Best Regards
Md.Motahar Hossain.   


I have been trying to solve a shirt that was sent to Wrong address it was research by ups a they sent results to you. I expected a refund on this for over a month . Sent this was a Christmas gift I reorder the item so I would have this for Christmas so I'm very disappointed on the way this has been handle and I feel it's time for you to stand up and issue my refund. Please check ALL the e-mails that have gone including UPS e-mail
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